• New Mahindra TUV 300

    seats crafted by us
    Best in class Fabric and Comfort of seat trims
    with uncompared excellence!
  • Technology and innovation leader
    Enhanced Capabilities from Product development to production.
  • Supplier Of The Year

    award from Lear
    Customers know they can count us to be there,whenever
    and wherever they need us.
  • Largest Seat trim supplier

    in India (over 50 + programs)
    We are manufacturing trims at more than 10 different locations in India having
    production capacity of around 10,00,000 sets/annum
    An ISO/TS-16949:2009 certified company.

Supplier Quality Policy

SI Interpack is a company that designs, markets, manufactures, and services products on a competitive india scale. Our products vary from high-volume manufactured parts to one-piece custom-built units. The foundation for our business is quality of our products and services.

Cost Advantage
Cost Absolute advantage

COST advantage is determined by a simple comparison of labor productivities, it is possible for a party to have no absolute advantage in anything, it refers to the ability to produce specific goods at a lower opportunity cost.

Superior Customer Service
Experienced trim leadership teams

Customers who work with 'SI Interpack' are benefits from our superior program execution and product development, along with improved speed and consistently high quality. We deliver product and process excellence to our customers worldwide.

Demand Fluctuation
Variation in customer demand

Product differentiating steps are done toward the end of the process so they can be directed by actual customer demand rather than forecast. You never know just how much of the products or services the customers will want at any particular time, you always end up with too much capacity or inventory of one thing and too little of another.

Location Advantage
India optimized footprint

Customers are manufacturing in multiple locations in india. SI Interpack has the extensive india footprint and capable resources to support our customers india programs. With an optimized logistics network and manufacturing facilities all over in india, we support our customers near where they operate.

Just In Time Delivery
We accept orders

We deliver product on time to customer,Our experts have maintained a very high level of cooperation and coordination that aids in timely executing of assignments and product orders. We will try hard to meet our delivery times.

OUR Valuable Customers

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